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Do you know where you are going? That will make a great deal of difference in deciding which way to go. Are you familiar with any people who live their best day every day? They seem to be so accomplished, happy, successful… Their life is meaningful, their relationships are fulfilling, their health is excellent, their businesses are prospering, their finances are in order… And you wonder: what is their secret?

The secret is that they know who they are, what they want, and how to get it. They set thoughtful, ambitious yet realistic goals and – the biggest secret – they follow through. No matter what others think of their chances for success, they believe in themselves. They don’t make excuses, but rather find support and resources to make good things happen for themselves, their families, their businesses, their communities and so forth.

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In my book Turn Your Dreams and Wants into Achievable SMART Goals! I share with you a clear, simple and complete step-by-step system that will help you set and achieve significant and meaningful goals. The book is full of practical and motivational content and includes both theory and examples of relevant experience.

Where to find answers to your questions about what your goals can and should be

You see, there are many people in your life, personal and professional, who can influence your decisions, your evaluation of reality and even your own sense of self-worth. Your boss has a great idea about what you want and should do. Your spouse has many thoughtful beliefs about what’s best for you and what you’re capable of accomplishing. Your mom is persuaded that she knows best where you really should be at this point of your life… Everyone has a unique understanding of who you are, what you’re capable of and what your future should look like. The only one whose ideas and believes about you and your life really matter is you. You are the very person, who determines what you will and will not do, what you like and dislike, what motivates and what discourages you. All the answers to your questions about what your goals can and should be are within, so is your power to accomplish those goals.

Indeed, you can only commit to something that is meaningful to you. This book will help you discover what matters most to you and how to achieve what you personally consider a success.


This book is a comprehensive manual, a detailed guide to effective goal-setting for entrepreneurs, managers and parents. I have worn all of these hats in my life and career, and am very familiar with the challenges these roles carry along. Having overcome many of the obstacles associated with those roles I developed a methodology that is proven to work. So, I thought to myself: “How wonderful it would be to share my strategic system of setting and achieving goals with many other people, who need clarity and focus!” And here it is – you’re reading it right now.

The book offers practical strategies to identify the goals that are meaningful and matter most to YOU. It teaches you to objectively evaluate your goals and eliminate the ones that are NOT REALISTIC. It provides solutions for overcoming challenges that arise as you’re moving along the way to your SUCCESS. It coaches you how to face fears rather than to avoid them. It arms you with useful tools and know-hows to empower you to TAKE ACTIONS that will ensure the results you desire. Finally, this book supplies you with questions that are meaningful and significant and are aimed to help you through your SELF-DISCOVERY process.

Despite what you already know about goals, this book is a must-read as it offers practical step-by-step strategy that is proven to produce positive long-lasting results.


This book is for you if you seek to advance to the next level in your life, career, relationships, health, and wealth. If you’re tired of meaningless new year’s resolutions, if you are sick of making promises to your wonderful self and breaking them, if you lack interests and motivation and are stuck in your comfort-zone, realizing that laziness has become your worst enemy, if you get distracted easily and get off track, and if you just want some fresh thoughts on how to discover and achieve what you really want – this is your book! Read it, share it, and keep it on your desk to refer to it often.
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This book for entrepreneurs

This book for entrepreneurs

Everyone needs something to aim for. You can call it a challenge, or you can call it a goal. It is what makes us humans. It was challenges that took us from being cavemen to reaching for the stars. ― Richard Branson

I established my own small consulting company out of a strong desire to finally be my own boss, to live in accordance with my own values and to set my own schedule. I was driven by the idea of helping people build their happily-ever-after, create their own success and find meaning in their life. But, honestly, that was all I had – just these two things: a desire to achieve independence and an idea to help others. I had no funds, no experience, no network and no clue where to even start. Today my business is growing, my network is expanding and my so-hardly-gained entrepreneurial skills and experiences are serving me well in assisting other business-owners with their start-ups.

Of course, there was a lot of struggle, a great deal of learning, long sleepless nights of endless yet inspiring work, and many-many fears. Fears of success, fears of failure, fears of responsibility, fears of criticism, fears of competition, fears of the unknown, and many more fears that forced me to often get in my own way. I faced, acknowledged them, and turned them into motivation, energy and confidence to go get my success!

How did I make it happen? With my proven methods of setting and achieving SMART goals. I applied them again and again, step after step, and they always worked perfectly. Just keep reading this book to discover my secret-methods. Learn them, practice them, embed them in your daily routine, and, I promise, you will build strong success for your entrepreneurial business.

This book for managers

This book for managers

Management is all about managing in the short-term while developing the plans for the long-term. ― Jack Welch

Managers’ responsibility is to ensure that people do deliver the expected results, which are the company’s strategy. Company’s strategy, in turn, determines its competitive advantage. So, if a manager does a poor job motivating employees’ productivity, the enterprise is a weak competitor.

For a business to strengthen its position on the market, its managers should become skillful at helping their subordinates to set and achieve specific and measurable goals, with realistic deadlines and clear expectations. Managers should also mentor employees through challenges, helping them grow and develop new skills.

In this book managers will find a wealth of practical information about SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Time-bound) and will also get familiarized with unique worksheets and templates, which they can use to assist their subordinates with setting and achieving goals on a regular basis.

To ensure that employees develop and demonstrate accountability and commitment, there is a special chapter on how to work with an accountability partner (a mentor), how to qualify one for this role, and what benefits it provides for education, motivation, inspiration and ideation in the business-environment.

This book for parents

This book for parents

Where parents do too much for their children, the children will not do much for themselves.― Elbert Hubbard

Through my own parenting-experience I have learned the true meaning of this quote. We all know many people, who come from hard-working families, where they had to grow up with a very minimum and become self-sufficient  and independent. We look at them now and see responsible citizens, self-reliant adults, successful members of business-community, outstanding performers and just happy people. Yes, they’re happy. They know the meaning of labor, they know the pleasure of leisure, they value relationships with others and appreciate themselves.

And then you look at some people, who come from wealthy families, had had nannies to do everything for them, went to private schools, where they were surrounded with special attention, never did their own laundry, never learned how to cook an omelet for themselves, never even gained the essential skills of unwinding on their own before bedtime, and, of course, never did anything for others either. You look at their adult-life and see how dependent they are on others and how unhappy they are because of that. They need someone to constantly take care of them. They may see no meaning in their  life because little things don’t satisfy them as they were spoiled since early age. They may suffer a variety of eating disorders, use drugs, alcohol and other extremes in search of satisfaction and comfort. And, also, in search of themselves.

My friend Casey Horan once said: “We don’t raise children – we raise people”. I agree with his statement. Our responsibility as a parent is to teach our children habits for success, embed responsibility in them, encourage them to exercise accountability, direct them to discover the power of thinking, coach them through challenges with meaningful question rather than give them bold answers, guide them to practice healthy lifestyle and prolong their life rather than surround them with digital world of electronic devices and virtual relationships as they sit on a couch all day and shorten their lifetime.

This book is full of practical, real-life parenting ideas that come from my own experience as a parent. The book also contains a chapter specifically dedicated to SMART goals for parents.

The walk I talk in this book comes from my daily life with my two step-sons and also from my 5 years of experience as a teacher with a diversity of children ages between 7 and 17 years old in Russia. In the United States, while going through some difficult times in my life as a victim of domestic violence, I also worked as a nanny in several families with different cultural backgrounds. I observed their parenting skills, I learned them, evaluated them, and I saw and assessed the results of the strategies that these people applied. Now I am combining all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained throughout the years and am sharing it with you in this book to help you guide your children to success, wellness and happiness in life.

Overall, this book is a comprehensive manual for entrepreneurs, managers and parents, who want to learn how to set specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-bound goals and achieve them promptly. Here you will find theoretical concepts about goals and practical examples that support those concepts. You will learn that often it’s not the big things, but rather the small things that matter most in achieving success: your habits, your daily routine, the choices you make, and the people you are surrounded with.

The system I share here will help you achieve superior performance in each area of your life it’s applied at. Utilize this methodology for exceptional success and enjoy the rewards!


Why and How This Book Was Born

Since establishing my private consulting and coaching company EQ for Success, LLC, I have worked with a diversity of professionals from all walks of life. Even more interesting is the fact that my clients have different cultural backgrounds as many of them are international people. They are representatives of both genders, whose age range is very wide. However, the majority of my clients have struggled to set their goals. Some of them say they don’t really know what they want. Others report as their reason  the lack of time to think things through. Many say they don’t need written goals as they may then loose flexibility in decision-making. Yet, all these people benefited significantly from my SMART goals system that they had to apply, and those, who followed through, achieved impressive results. That is why I decided to write this book and make my powerful solutions available to the public, so that everyone, who desires success, can learn how to overcome challenges of goal-setting and become a greater achiever.

Here’s one testimony from an attendee of my workshop, where I shared a system of SMART goals:

The most valuable information for me today was about SMART goals. My goals have always been too vague, but the workshop helped me become more assertive in setting and achieving my goals.
― Pam Schomburg

I believe that knowing your goals and having them in writing, you will live, work and make right decisions more confidently. Because of this, I am honored to share with you today my comprehensive manual on setting and achieving SMART goals.


SMART goals Book by Anna Stevens


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    So excited to have the book done and passing it to great people for reviews and feedback! The most difficult thing was to start :-) Now it’s almost ready for you to be held in your hands!

  • I’m so excited to get the opportunity to read the book! Anna definitely has a keen ability to help people connect to their goals using the end in mind! :)

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    Ashley, thank you so much! I am so inspired by your beautiful spiritual songs – I have another book in mind already! :-)

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    We just got our first endorsements for the SMART goals Book! Check out the testimonials page!

  • “As author Anna Stevens points out in her new book, “Turn Your Dreams and Wants Into Achievable SMART Goals”, the idea of SMART goals has been around for decades. However, I have never seen anyone apply the process with such relevance to so many areas of life. Anna’s personal application of the lessons she teaches the reader is perhaps the most inspirational reason to follow her lead. I thought at first that there would be little new that I would learn from Anna’s book, but find myself now studying how to apply her directions to more than one neglected dream and want of my own. Thanks to Anna Stevens for her down-to-earth approach and incredible inspiration!
    - Dr. Don Osborne,, author of “The Probable Future: You Can Predict it & You Can Change it”